Teachers Invite Hate Groups to Classrooms

The Washington Times was the first to cover on the growing number of teachers who invite members of hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Westboro Baptist Church into their classrooms.

Educators say that this kind of class activity allows students “to witness the extreme views such groups espouse and know how to avoid them.”

As for the Worthington Kilbourne High School in Columbus, Ohio, this teaching strategy is a tradition. It began in the 1970’s when their senior classes have to study “U.S. Political thought and Radicalism.” Other topics that students explore are immigration, environmentalism and abortion. Since then, for a few weeks in a semester the students get to interact with hate groups such as the Topeka, Kansas Westboro Baptist Church, a church known for their anti-gay principles and protests for the deaths of American soldiers who died in combat.

School officials explain that such interactions do not intend to endorse or convert students into the groups’ way of thinking. The sole purpose, they say, is to allow young students to identify what an extreme perspective is and learn how to avoid them.

“The kids see through their messages,” said David Strausbaugh, a teacher at Worthington Kilbourne High School. “They know. There’s nobody — nobody — who leaves and says, ‘Boy, we’ve got to join these people.’ That’s why we can bring them in, because we know the kids are going to see them for who they are.”

Apparently, Worthington is not alone. Portland State University in Oregon has a sociology class led by Randy Blazak who invites neo-Nazis to speak before his class about the role function of extremism in society.

“It’s a good idea to know what’s out there,” Mr. Blazak said. “They’re not monsters. They’re human beings, wrestling with their own issues.”

At the Central Michigan University, Professor Timothy Boudreau allows members from Westboro to speak to his journalism class because, he said, it teaches students a powerful lesson about freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.

“The First Amendment was designed to protect unpopular speech, speech exercised by people we would rather silence or muzzle,” Mr. Boudreau tells his students.

“I don’t endorse them, I don’t agree with them,” he said. “I do, however, support their right to speak and their right to be hateful and their right to offend. Like it or not, that’s their right as Americans.”

Meanwhile, other schools do not allow face-to-face interaction with these hate groups to avoid controversy. They however, permit phone conversation or Skype interaction. Andrea White, a teacher from Badger High School, said that Westboro representatives get to speak to her class via phone and has not ever visited her classroom.

If this kind of teaching method does allow students to snuff out bigotry, then the teachers are on to something. One thing is certain, though, they have to practice care as there could be a black student in their class that can get traumatized when a man wearing a white rob shows up in the class.


Simple Changes – Try these Resume Tips

4 Modifications That Will Make Your Resume a Breath of Fresh Air

As a job candidate, it’s easy to see recruiting supervisors as big, bad challenges that you have to conquer. They’re the gatekeepers, after all. But, this type of thinking causes weaker employment applications.

Consider it by doing this: Employing supervisors read a lot of resumes– to the point at which their eyes cross. More significantly, employing managers are just people like you. With this in mind, the only thing you need to do to stick out from the crowd is to have the one resume that lets them breathe a sigh of relief during this painful procedure. Here are four methods you can do very simply that.Try  these  simple  Resume Tips
1. Make the First Thing on Your Resume Instantly Relevant

There’s absolutely nothing worse for a hiring manager than needing to dig through a resume to discover what, exactly, an applicant’s relevant experience involves. Don’t make this harder than it has to be for the person who will be reading your resume, and make sure the very first thing on your resume is something you know he or she desires.

Are you applying to a sales position? Titling the first section of your resume “Sales God” might be an excellent way to begin. Tossing your hat in for a position that needs appropriate training or accreditations? Make that area number one. Go ahead. Make that hiring manager’s day, and start your resume with something that makes good sense for the position.

2. Don’t Put Your Reader in a battle with Text

So, you have handled to fit your resume all on one page with some efficient formatting and size eight font style. Well, let me stop you right there. No hiring manager is going to see that resume and believes, “Well, it’s still technically one page, so I much better provide it my full interest.” She or he will either read it while developing an impression that you’re currently a troublesome task candidate, or he or she will not even bother with the eye stress and simply toss it.

Be kind to your application reviewer. Leave plenty of blank/white space on that page, and utilize a right size typeface– even if it implies you have to cut some information. No big blocks of text. Favor bullets that don’t exceed two lines of text over paragraphs when explaining your experience. And, naturally, consider what you can do making your resume simpler to skim overall. (These 12 little tricks will point you in the right direction.).

3. Cut the Resume Speak and Specify.

Does your resume have phrases like “used creative social networks techniques” to describe how you posted to the company’s Twitter account every now and then? If so, you might be guilty of resume speak. (For severe– and incredibly humorous– examples of this, the Resume Speak Tumblr is worth a browse.)  Not only can recruiting managers see through this but even worse, resume talk typically obscures exactly what your genuine experience is.
There is no chance your resume can make a strong case for your skills and experiences if the language you utilize is inaccurate, fluffy, or difficult to understand. Be concise and defined when describing your experience (in the example above, perhaps, “Posted weekly Twitter updates and grew fans by 200 %”). The hiring supervisor will thank you– and maybe even call you.

4. Just Be Thoughtful.

I can’t stress this point enough. The individual who will (ultimately) reads your resume is a person. If you’re thoughtful, it will not go undetected.

Exactly what does that suggest? To begin, save your resume as your first and last name and “resume,” make your titles more detailed for easier scanning (for example, “SEO  Intern” rather of simply “Intern”), and, in fact, send out a cover letter that’s customized to the position.

Beyond that, put yourselves in the shoes of the hiring supervisor and consider exactly what would make his or her task much easier when it comes to assessing task candidates. No requirement for tricks inflated descriptions or corporate jargon. Attempt to get your experiences throughout as correctly and succinctly as possible, and emphasize the parts that are the most pertinent by pulling them out into their own section and putting that section at the top of your resume.

Yes, your resume may go through a candidate tracking system before it ever gets in front of a human being, however if you’re a great fit, it will ultimately get on the hiring manager desk. When that occurs, it’ll be these little things that you do that make the distinction between being just another job seeker and the one who stands out in the crowd and makes a hiring supervisor smile.

Twitter’s always been about speed and immediacy. It’s where news breaks,…

Twitter’s constantly been about speed and immediacy. It’s where news breaks, it’s where subjects pattern, it’s where your timeline zips so quick you’re bound to miss out on things. In an effort to make itself a more long-term house for all that information, Twitter has actually revealed that you can explore every tweet sent on the service since 2006. Twitter has always kept tweets permanently (that’s not just up to the Library of Congress), however, used to purge tweets from the search index after only a few days or weeks. The brand-new search engine implies that you’ll be able to browse for that tweet from ’08 where your friend DM-failed and never discovered, or that link somebody tweeted at you two years back. It also implies you’ll be able to read back through tweets during the impressive World Cup Final. SEARCH FINDS OLD THINGS, BUT STILL FAVORS THE NEW In the meantime, it’s a relatively simple engine: you browse through words and hashtags to find exactly what you’re trying to find. You can browse a date range as far back as you ‘d like, or just type “Bieber” and view a teen take over the world one reply at a time. This has actually constantly been possible, sort of, through services like Topsy and naturally Google, however, Twitter’s made it much faster, easier, and much more reputable than ever. Doing so, and balancing archival retrieval with the need to browse and emerge popular tweets, was a tough problem to resolve. Yi Zhuang, a Search Infrastructure Engineer, composed a prolonged blog site post about how Twitter managed to build such a pervasive, ever-expanding search engine without going bankrupt and without losing focus on the here and now. Twitter has actually regularly saved tweets permanently (that’s not simply up to the Library of Congress), however, utilized to purge tweets from the search index after only a couple of days or weeks. The new search engine means that you’ll be able to browse for that tweet from ’08 where your good friend DM-failed and never ever seen, or that link somebody tweeted at you two years earlier. Yi Zhuang, a Search Infrastructure Engineer, composed a lengthy blog site post about how Twitter handled to develop such a pervasive, ever-expanding search engine without going bankrupt and without losing focus on the here and now.


Fair Housing not in My Community

Incidents among people because of different races have always been very common in the history of this world, and it is still a worrying trend. There are numerous cases reporting severe accidents and riots around the world and the reason being was just race difference, and most these cases involved blacks. Minorities all around the globe have been treated unfairly since the inception and even today people are being discriminated just because they belong to a particular minority prevailing in every country.

A Supreme Court declaration in the last week had to remind the local and the state governments,  that in accordance with the Fair Housing Act 1968, they are prohibited from spending funds for federal housing in numerous ways that encourage racial segregation. This has been a practice in different communities across the country for decades. Instead of providing subsidized housing in ethnically incorporated areas that offer minority blacks entry to the right schools and jobs, the local government has intensified ethnic segregation.

Justice Anthony Kennedy conveyed this message in the favor of the majority, stating that the legislation also permits claimants to challenge any unfair housing policies relating to discrimination – without any proof or support that discrimination was intentional. He tracks this problem’s relation to ethnic segregation to the mid-20th century. When restraining conditions and government funded mortgage inequity destabilizes black wealth establishment, increased ghettoization and pushed back black families in the urban communities that were sabotaged in the 1960s. Congress hoped to put an end to such discriminative patterns by introducing Fair Housing Act, which required the local government to spend federal money to fair housing schemes. But for years, the local, federal and state government failed to achieve the objective.

Black minority discrimination has been in the news since a very long time and now the fight has reached to one of the favorite social networks Twitter. Tristan Walker, a well-known black businessman in Silicon Valley was surprised and shocked to see that BET Awards were all over his feeds despite the fact that the Black Entertainment Television program had also secured several slots on the list of trending topics on Twitter. He was surprised because the event wasn’t getting the kind of appreciation Twitter has given to other programs like Oscar, Grammys or the Country Music Awards. Finally, he tweeted “The company should pay attention”, regenerating a discussion about being deficient in diversity in technology.

Walker says Twitter being a favorite social network could do more about this if the company just paid more attention to all the potential activities and events relating to black communities on its network. In accordance to a 2014 Pew Research centre study, up to 40% of blacks aging from 18 to 29 are using the internet and are live Twitter users compared to just 28% of white users in the same segment. But only 2% of the workforce comprises of blacks by company’s diversity stats. “Why aren’t such platforms accepting this demographic group hell a lot of more? Walker asks, to which Twitter declined the comment.

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Clinton Fears Black Vote Will be Doomed

Hillary Rodham Clinton was at the 100th Anniversary of the Delta Sigma Theta, a historically black women’s organization. In her speech, she told the members of the future of the Voting Rights Act. She called the Supreme Court’s decision to kill part of the law a “real jeopardy.” She said the Congress must act to preserve “fairness and equality” in the electoral system.

At the conclusion of her 30-minute speech, 14,000 members gave her celebratory chants of “Run, Hillary, Run.”

Clinton, who may well be the next presidential candidate in 2016, said that the SC decision “struck at the heart” of the landmark law and it threatens the right of any Americans to cast their vote.

“Unless Congress acts, you know and I know, more obstacles are on their way,” Clinton said, walking freely on stage instead of confining herself at the podium. “They’re going to make it difficult for poor people, elderly people, working people, minority people to be able to do what we should take for granted.”

In June, the Supreme Court trashed a key component of the Voting Rights Act. It killed the federal government’s ability to secure a fair election in all or parts of the 15 states with a history of discrimination. The stipulations that were removed required those states to seek approval before electoral changes are implemented.

Civil rights groups have been displeased with the decision claiming that it could disenfranchise groups of voters in the next election.

“Now the law’s future is in real jeopardy and so are the rights of millions of Americans,” Clinton said.

She didn’t express or hinted any plans to run for any political post. She said she will dedicate her time on campaigns that focus on early childhood development, women’s rights and economic development in her new role in her family’s presidential foundation.

In her speech, she highlighted the importance of the black vote. Such has made it possible for her husband to win the election and Barack Obama twice. The same could be true if she would also run for the presidency in 2016.

“I want to make sure that in the next election and the next election and the next and every one after that, people line up to vote and they vote regardless of those who may not want to count their vote or acknowledge their right to vote,” she said.

More Black Male Teachers – Please

Black Male Teachers Needed for Urban and District Schools in the U.S.

Teachers and education are universal; no obligation of caste and creed is associated with them. This widespread notion moves around the world, but when it comes to the USA, it appears to be a weaker one. There is a dire need for increasing the number of black male teachers in urban schools and districts of the country. As far as practical teaching is concerned in the classroom, black male teachers are found to have a tremendous impact. But the brutality is a huge flock of black men is present in schools in the form of custodians, or as food-service employees, or in the form of transportation workers. Even if they are found in the capacity of educators, most of them are employed in the form of physical education teachers or as a coach. Black teachers are in the minority in the classrooms and at estimation, they represent only 2% of the entire teacher population.

Recently, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is working towards black teacher recruitments. Among the several initiatives,, a public-private initiative is starting up a mission to aid applicants in finding appropriate places in the classrooms. However, this is not a speedy process and sometimes it is also felt that all the efforts are gone in vain. Why? Well here are the reasons with possible solutions to this problem.

As per the current data from the National Center for Education Statistics, it is found out that about 82% of public schools teachers trained in 2011-12 were whites. If a black teacher is given a classroom, there is a high likelihood that he might be only the one from two to three black appointees from the whole staff and that too in a black school. Mostly, hiring is done on ‘fit’ which just means will this person be able to meet in the school? If yes, then how much? The addition of a black man to the workforce can alter the school functionalities according to them.

The deficiency of black teachers is not limited to the classroom. It exaggerates further when the leadership roles in the schools are concerned. There is quite less possibility of finding a black teacher in the role of principal and assistant principal.

Mentoring is not a new trend with the inclusion of new educators; the expectation is that the black teachers will have someone as a mentor who considers them as their best interests and takes their professional development at heart. However, the situation is again a challenge for black teachers because now they have to find a black educator who is exceptionally willing to pair up with them and work honestly. There are many cases of young teachers taken off the track by their mentors, those who allow them to drown into the professional chasms.

On the other hand, the situation can be changed if black teachers are included in the nation’s classrooms. It could help to adapt the aspirations of the students. Diversity in the teaching force is the need of the time, and it is high time to make a commitment to it.


Career Advice May Lead You to Success Aliko Dangote

Career Advice May Lead You to Success If Your Approach Is Correct

The educational and economic disadvantages of less income black students all around the globe have been in the news for many years; students continue to struggle to complete their studies and gain college degrees. However, one of the significant factors among black students is poor career advice as in almost every part of the world. On the other hand, black students suffer a great deal when they somehow manage to get into some elite university as they don’t easily fit into the category. However, as the time is passing, racial discrimination is minimizing as more and more people are coming out and speaking for themselves and their people. There are people who might have gone through poor career advice in their lives but still managed to get the best even in the times of despair.

America may have its very first black president, but still time is not good for African-Americans. Recent killings of defenseless black teenagers and murder of two New York police officials have ignited racial tension all over. A Bloomberg poll in the month of December concluded that more than 50% of respondents believed that relations based on race have declined ever since Obama was elected in the year 2008.The rate of unemployment for African-Americans stood at 10.4% in December, and this is more than twice of the whites and it has been still there for most of the past 40 years.

In accordance with a research among the 1826 people who successfully made it to the 2015 FORBES list of the World’s top billionaires, 11 of them are actually black and FORBES witnessed this after a long span of time of 9 years. A renowned Nigerian cement industrialist Aliko Dangote still continues to be the richest black person in the world with the net worth of $15.7 billion. Mohammad Al-Amoudi comes after him who is a Saudi-Ethiopian construction tycoon, standing at $10.8 billion. There is more to come, as this year two more business tycoons have joined the list of the richest black people on earth. They are none other than the very famous American basketball legend Michael Jordan and Nigerian energy business tycoon Femi Otedola. Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan investor, American media phenomena Oprah Winfrey and Folorunsho Alakija, the oil woman continues to be on the list of black billionaires on the FORBES list of billionaires.

The richest black person on earth is Aliko Dangote. Dangote suffered a great deal last year in March because of falling stock rates of his four public limited corporations and the latest devaluation of Naira. He still continues to be number one among the 11 richest black people. He started off his fortune by trading sugar, cement, and flour but soon ventured into producing these commodities. His parent company or the crown jewel, Dangote Cement is the biggest producer of cement in whole Africa and has a market value of over $15 billion. He is also considering establishing an oil processing plant that is expected to complete in the year 2016. It is anticipated to have a processing capacity of 400,000 barrels/day, and it is also expected that this will reduce Nigeria’s reliance on oil imports.


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A Man To Be Executed For “Accidental” Slaying

“Richard Masterson put to death Wednesday for a killing 15 years ago became the busy death penalty state’s first prisoner executed in 2016.Richard Masterson, 43, was pronounced dead at 6:53 p.m., 25 minutes after the lethal injection began.”

Before we give a sweeping statement regarding the case, let us first look closely at the definition of murder. Oxford dictionary defines murder as, “the unlawful killing of another human being without justification or excuse”. Murder is a serious criminal offense; depending upon the circumstances the person who has convicted murder can be sentenced several years in prison, death or prison until death. Accidental killing, however, is “a death caused by the lawful act done under reasonable belief that no harm was likely to result”.

Recently, Richard Masterson, a Texas Man was put to death due to “accidental killing”, as he claims, of Darin Shane Honeycutt fifteen years ago in 2001. Masterson had made many appeals in front of the jurors and U.S Supreme Court, but his last efforts for the rejection of execution were unheard. He was pronounced dead at 6.53pm on Jan 20, 2016. He was executed as soon as the pentobarbital effect took place; first sending his body into deep snoring and then death. His execution was watched by his family and friends from the watch room.

Richard Masterson met Darin Shane Honeycutt in a club from where they went to Honeycutt’s apartment. Honeycutt used to dress put like a woman and was interested in gay sex. Masterson claimed that while they were having sex, Honeycutt had gone unconscious and fell off the bed. Later Masterson realized that Honeycutt is dead. To flee from courts and investigation, he made Honeycutt’s apartment look like it was burglarized. After killing Honeycutt, he ran away with his car and dumped it in Georgia.

The prosecutors claimed that eight days later, Masterson met a guy at the gay club in Tampa. He tried to strangle him to death during gay sex at his apartment. When he lost his consciousness, Masterson stole his wallet and car. The same way he stole Honeycutt’s car.

Masterson’s attorney, George Gardner, argued that he was abused in childhood and had gone through brain damage. Because of the injury done to his personality during the early years of development, he began using drugs and found pleasure in activities which were at times not acceptable to the society.

According to research conducted by National Bureau of Economic Research, child abuse, and maltreatment can increase the probability of engaging in crimes. Even if two twins, one of which is maltreated when other is not, the criminal behavior may tend to appear in the maltreated twin. The more the child is exposed to different types of maltreatment including the sexual abuse, the more likely it is that the child would show criminal behaviors. A maltreated child may exhibit criminal behaviors as juveniles and as adults.

During the trails, Masterson was bizarre and contradictory. He said, “Everyone has to live and die by their own actions.” 

It was later proved that Masterson deliberately tried killing Honeycutt and succeeded in doing so. He also had a criminal record which provided greater evidence of murder and a greater reason for his execution. Malcolm X says, “To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace”. His execution was witnessed by his family and friends, but no one from Honeycutt’s side witnessed it.

“I’m all right with this,” he said. “Sometimes you have to live and die by the choices you make. I made mine, and I’m paying for it.”He said he was being sent “to a better place.” He mouthed a kiss to relatives and friends who were watching the execution. Closed his eyes and was put to death.

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Racial Demographics of Abortion – The Personhood Amendment Debate

It is said that there is a very high rate of abortion in the U.S. among the black women as compared to white. If we see the figures and try to figure out the number abortions being carried out across the demographics divide of the country, we will be astonished to see how much it has to do with the race. To see how high the abortion rate among black women in comparison to white women is, we can tell that overall white women opted for 138 abortions for every 1000 births last year as compared to the black women who opted for 501 abortions for every 1000 births. To minimize this, the Republicans introduced a Personhood Bill in 2010.

Before we go into the details, it is vital to discuss the background of why such a measure was taken and why people think black women are going to be the prime victimized after this act is passed countrywide. Partly due to the reason that rate of abortions have tremendously increased in the states and according to a survey black women are likely to get four times more abortions than white. It is also important to note that it has nothing to do with hidden agendas or mal intent. It is only to do with popular practices among a certain chunk of the society.

This issue has been highlighted by many organizations. One of such organizations has concluded following points on their website:

  1. Minority women make up 13% of the female population aging 15-44 in the U.S., but they have gone approximately 36% of the total abortions.
  2. There are more than five times chances that black women will have an abortion as compared to a white woman in the U.S.
  3. On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the U.S.

It is true that abortion results in great loss of life. It is estimated that Black women have carried out approximately 16 million abortions since 1973. According to Michael Novak’s calculations, the current population of Blacks in the U.S. is 36 million while the missing 16 million represents an enormous loss. Without these abortions, America’s Black community would now be 52 million which makes it 36% larger than it is now. So like it has caused in cutting down every fourth member of the Black-American community.

The main disadvantage of having abortions is that it tremendously affects the health of the woman who undergoes an abortion. A very profound study done by the Howard University in 1993 showed that African-American women (above the age of 50) had 4.7 times more chances of getting breast cancer if they had any abortions as compared to women who had no abortions.

To change this trend, Personhood Act was initiated as a constitutional amendment in Colorado on 2nd November 2010. According to it, personhood sees every human being from the very beginning of his biological development in the fetus. In definition Personhood law is a law designed to extend the legal concept of “personhood” to pre-born humans. Specifically, this law gives legal status to a person to any fertilized human egg, from conception until birth. Therefore, now this bill is being sought to ban abortion in different states of America.

The law is being re-emphasized since March 2015 when a pregnant woman was attacked in Colorado. This can charge a person with murder who causes a pregnant woman’s fetus to die during its development stages. Although the Colorado voters have rejected it thrice now the government is determined to implement it.

The recent reintroduction of the bill by Republican’s Sen. Paul Rand is claimed that it only attempts to sidestep Birth Control Controversy and varies slightly from the one he first introduced in 2013 stating that it should not be interpreted as “a ban on in vitro fertilization, or a ban on the use of birth control or any other means of preventing fertilization.”

The Republicans are of the view that they want this bill to be implemented because it is not the first time that anyone has attacked a pregnant woman and caused the harm to the fetus. And in the past, there has been a similar bill drafted by Cadman after DynelCatrece Lane aged 34 stabbed Michelle Wilkins and cut the 7-month-old fetus out of her womb. Mother aged 26 survived but the baby couldn’t. Boulder County District Attorney Stanley Garnett filed eight felony charges against the attacker, including attempted murder, a 1st-degree assault and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. But he said he was not able to file murder charges against him because the baby never lived outside the womb.

He further explained that the purpose of his new bill is to ensure that a public prosecutor can file murder charges in such cases irrespective of the age of the fetus. The Republican lawmaker who wrote this bill explained that he was careful to write the law so that it does not affect the right of abortion that is currently being practiced by anyone in the country. It does not apply to an act performed by the mother in pure medical scenarios or to a physician performing a medical procedure or any licensed medical professional upon the request of a pregnant mother or in cases a fetus is harmed during the dispense or administration of the prescribed medication.

However, the Democrats and women’s rights groups have expressed concern that the measure could still be used to charge pregnant women. Because the bill gives personhood right to fetuses. They are concerned that it might open the door to a full prohibition on abortion and even the use of birth control measures in the states. They further are of the view that such bills, whenever passed, could not ensure the protection of women and instead have caused more harm than good. It is more often that low-income women and black women have been charged with such bills, already belong from the most vulnerable populations.

As soon as the legislation was materialized, an Indianan woman, Purvi Patel, aged 33 was sentenced to twenty years in prison for felony neglect and “feticide” after a miscarriage during pregnancy and then dumping the dead fetus. Since then it has become a hot debate and people have shown an overall concern and reservations over this matter.

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The Unemployment Insurgent Program

The biggest problem that arises in the lives of workers is unemployment. There is a lack of jobs and not enough work for the youth. A person who does not have a job but actively seeks work to do is known as an unemployed person. Youth unemployment rates are historically high than the adult rates in every country in the world.

There are so many reasons behind unemployment in countries around the globe. The first reason that we come up with is the quality of education. Most of the unemployed people are those who have primary or less education. Although, high education does not always guarantee a good job but it does help in landing a suitable job most of the time! Second is, that companies or offices hire the young workers in temporary forms of work like internships and short-term contracts and when a firm downsizes, it fires these workers.

The unemployed people face so many consequences in their life. What can be more unfair, that they are willing to do work but are not getting any? Unemployment has many direct and indirect impacts on lives of young people and their families. Due to unemployment, many people are becoming victims of depression and anxiety. Crime rate also increases due to unemployment because their needs force them into doing wrong things to earn money.

Unemployment also affects the economic growth of the country as so many people are not working which causes non-productivity. The young people who are at the age of 18- 26 seriously consider migrating to other places in order to find work. As it is not easy to spend life without working and earning because nothing comes in free. Money is such an important part of life as there are so many desires that a person wants to fulfill and without money it is not possible and without a job or work earning money is also not possible.

The rate of unemployment in the United States has increased in last five years. Youth unemployment rate has increased 10 percent more. For solving the problem of unemployed workers, the country provides them with some benefits. These are known as Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

Unemployment insurance is also known as unemployment benefits or unemployment compensation. It is a form of social welfare payments made by the state or other authorized bodies to unemployed people.

In 1932, unemployment insurance was launched in Wisconsin in the United States. The federal government of the United States effectively promoted the individual states to adopt unemployment insurance programs through the Social Security Act of 1935.

Unemployment insurance is organized as a federal-state system and it provides basic income support for unemployed workers rather than retirees. The program is designed to provide limited income replacement to regularly employed members of the labor force who become involuntarily unemployed. It means people who become jobless for a reason other than misconduct. Benefits are paid weekly to workers who are qualified as a matter of right, according to benefits schedules or formulas specified in the law. Benefits eligibility and amounts are related to previous contributions by or on behalf of the worker.


In order to receive benefits payments, a person must meet the unemployment insurance (UI) eligibility requirement. When an unemployment insurance claim request is filed and a certification is submitted all the eligibility requirements must be fulfilled before benefits can be paid by the Employment Development Department (EDD).

An individual who files for unemployment insurance benefits must meet the following eligibility requirements before benefits can be paid. The  individual must:

  • Have worked for at least one quarter in the previous year.
  • Be laid off by an employer.
  • Be unemployed through no misconduct.
  • Be physically able to work.
  • Be available for work.
  • Be ready and willing to immediately accept work.
  • Be actively looking for work.
  • Be approved for training before training benefits can be paid.

Workers who meet these eligibility conditions may still be denied unemployment insurance benefits if they are found to be responsible for their own unemployment. If the worker is receiving certain types of income such as pension, back pay, or workers’ compensation for temporary partial disability, the benefits may be reduced. Unemployment benefits are subject to Federal income taxes.

An individual must certify for benefits by submitting a certification online, over the phone, or by mail. The EDD will schedule a phone interview if the information on the certification shows that the individual did not meet the eligibility requirements. Benefits may be reduced or denied it depends on the information that is obtained from the individual.


The unemployed workers in the United States who are eligible to claim the benefits are given between 40-50 % amounts of their previous pay. These benefits are paid by the state government, the state funds it in large part and by the federal payroll taxes imposed on employers, to the workers who become unemployed without any misconduct of their own. The benefits are based on the quarterly earnings of an individual. The time period and value of an unemployed benefit are determined through the previous amount of earnings and number of quarters a person had worked. Although the maximum time limit of an individual to receive this benefit is 26 weeks.

These benefits are good for unemployed persons and give them support to some extent. And it somewhat helps them.


For permanent and temporary workers more balanced employment protection is needed. The country should maintain the level of education. There should be a high and equal level of education in reasonable fee for every individual of the country so that maximum persons could meet the criteria of available jobs. The country should take measures and try to create opportunities for the unemployed population.

Although, Unemployment Insurance scheme is very beneficial and useful for the unemployed workers. The procedure to file a claim is also not difficult and lengthy but yes there are rules and conditions applied. The person should be able to work, willing to work, and should not be responsible for his own unemployment. Otherwise, the individual’s request to claim the benefit will be denied.