A Minority fate, Justice, and Facebook Hiring

“Diversity is crucial to achieving our mission.”

Countless occasions have been encountered where minorities suffer as they are not even given an equal chance to thrive in  American. It is the same system that promises every American citizen equal rights and opportunities. The deck has been stacked. Unfortunately, the American dream has failed to provide when minorities are concerned. The media has always seemed to favor whites for a very long time and has only accommodated to stereotypes of blacks by over-representing minorities as the assailants in violent crimes. The biggest offense by the American criminal justice system is that it is considered as a race-based institution where black Americans are directly targeted and punished in a much more biased way compared to the whites. Even in the corporate sector in America, white employers prefer whites over blacks in many parts of the country.

People might have a good idea about the silence in the city hall of Parma, Missouri, where several senior officials and police officers quit after a black woman was elected as mayor for the first time. Former city clerk known as Tyrus Byrd was confirmed in as for the position of mayor last week, after passing 37 years serving Randall Ramsey by 38 votes. Byrd is not given a clerk, city attorney or water treatment supervisor; these were the people who instantly walked off their jobs including the five police officials out of six claiming “safety concerns.”  Bryd has no say on the people quitting their jobs but is concerned that she was unable to find the resignation letters. On the other hand, Byrd is very surprised and convinced that she is getting help and support from the residents and other communities to keep the town on the right track.Even stated that Parma residents are pooling all their efforts. Martha Miller, a white resident in Parma, said, “I think it’s quite unfair and dirty that they all left without giving her a chance.”

Marilyn Mosby is a prosecutor in Baltimore who charged six police officers for the death of Freddie Gray. Only one 1% of the America’s elected prosecutors consists of Blacks. Mosby, who is a black, has also faced unfairness and inequity in her early life. She acquired national attention and Facebook viral trending for her quick actions in Baltimore, just months after the drawn-out chief adjudicator’s proceedings in Ferguson, Missouri – supervised by Robert McCulloch, who is a white. This resulted in no accusation of the white officer who are responsible for killing Michael Brown, rather led to further protests and maximized turnout in local elections.

There are events where minorities face unfairness and inequity. Speaking on  Facebook. Currently, Facebook has doubled its count of black employees; however African Americans still represent less than 1.5% of the corporation’s 5479 American employees. The report states that the corporation now has black workers comparatively, and the count increased from 45 to 81. It comes regardless of the company declaring that “ diversity is crucial to achieving our mission.” The filing also stated that now Facebook has more black employees in their senior most positions for the time of its inception. It is even anticipated that in the coming years, there will be more black people in the top most positions in the company. ” let’s just  wait and see.”