Minority scholarships/ job opportunities: A wider outlook

Minority Scholarships/ Job Opportunities

Black History Month, which is also called as the National African History Month, is the moment when Americans rejoice over the accomplishments of African Americans all through the past. The importance of this month is further highlighted when the achievements of up-coming history makers are celebrated too- no doubt here we are talking about the black students in America.

There are many scholarship opportunities that are provided by African American organizations. Some of them are NAACP, UNCF, and The Congressional Black Caucus, etc. The scholarship opportunities can help the blacks to make a difference in the world and can aid students to write history again and again.

In the higher education level, the proportion formed by African American students in the US is quite large. Still there are myths associated with studying abroad which have further limited the participation of black students in the exchange programs. To become an active member of the society, the recent generation of African American students must overcome these myths that could further help them to conquer the existing racial prejudice.

The first myth is that the educational experience abroad is not for black students. The supposition is that European racism is so devastating that black students must remain in their country because they understand the politics there and can make necessary adjustments according to it. The reality is opposite to it. Black students get first-hand treatments, and there are many funding opportunities for them as well. So, they must not leave this opportunity because of racism.

Scholarship hunts for African-American students in the USA are always associated with unique challenges, but still these opportunities are profitable for funding education. There are some organizations that support education for black students. Among these, the United Negro College Fund provides assistance to about 900 institutions.  The Ron Brown Scholarship Program is another one who is funding about $40,000 for scholarships in a four-year graduation program. The Jackie Robinson Foundation promotes an assistance of $7,200 each year, and it also inculcates a leadership program associated with it. To avail this scholarship, the student must have a 1000 SAT score along with a good GPA record.

Every African American student who is enrolled in a degree program must instantly initiate to plan up a new course ahead. Guidance can be taken from study abroad advisor. Every major subject also has a minority organization linked with it. For example, an engineer can join the National Society of Black Engineers, or a journalist can accede to the National Association of Black Journalists. To gain a scholarship, it is necessary to make a resume and amalgamate the achievements in it. Sometimes, the letter of recommendation is also needed, so it is good to select someone who knows you well.

The right time is now. The American economy is internationalizing, and it is becoming crucial for African American students to learn more about sensitive global issues. By gaining this knowledge, they will be able to participate in the ethnically and culturally diverse workforce with full zeal.