Minority Employment – Needs Work

Everyone needs a job to earn their bread and butter. Young graduates especially minorities usually need to make money to get into their favorite university, but some minority people are left behind in the race for employment just because they are not white. Mostly students with a minority background are financially not capable of paying the hefty tuition fee, which the universities demand.


According to the research, it was revealed that within a year, 66% of white graduates found work, but 56.3% blacks, Asians, and other minority students remain unemployed. Moreover, according to The National Statistic Figures, more than half of the Blacks who were 16-24 years old were unemployed. Unfortunately, till 2015, the minority unemployment rate increased by 27.1%. The Oxbridge colleges have very low acceptance rate for black students. The discrimination between the student races can further be picturized from the statement of the MP, David Lammy, who says, “The doors of universities are difficult to get through if you are not white.”


The problems for minorities are not just restricted to the fee expenditures and acceptance, even after graduating the minorities suffers a lot. They are considered useless and rejected by employers who refuse them because they are black or have foreign sounding names, even without testing their skills. In other words, a black person with no criminal record is treated as same as a white person with a criminal record. Even when it comes to socializing, the minorities, especially blacks are ignored. As a result, some minorities leave the USA and go to some other countries where they are open heartedly acceptable and respected.



In the USA, the recession may hit companies for a time, but there is a permanent recession for you if you are Black. After the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001, many people who were in the minority were forced to leave their jobs. Even the biggest food chain, Mc Donalds treated some black employees unfairly. Because they were a minority? In 2014, Mc Donald’s franchise in Virginia fired ten employees by giving the excuse that ” there are too many black people.” Those employees were called ‘ghetto’, and ‘ratchet’ but  McDonald’s did nothing to help them, and their minority employment terminated by getting fired because, as per Mc Donald’s lame excuse, they did not fit the profile.

Some people, even after being bullied because of their color and name did not let the odds stop them. The biggest example in front of us is the president of the USA, Mr. Barak Husein Obama, who is an African American. He is black but still he is the president. It does somehow reflect that there are some gates, which can open ways to reduce the gaps between the whites and blacks. The effort is to be done so that people may change their views and accept the blacks and other minorities who are the part of our society. Else these minorities would be left behind in every sphere of life.