Donald Trump – The Seriousness of Taking Trump Seriously

Trump Donald

Donald J. Trump, the man who wants to “Make America Great Again” and claims he can do it, does not like politicians since in his opinion, “All they do is politics.” Trump is a big name in the corporate world especially in the areas of real estate, marketing, and reality TV. Donald Trump was born to Fred Trump and Mary Ann MacLeod on June 14th, 1946. Mary Anne was a Scottish immigrant while Fred Trump was the son of German Immigrants. For a long time, he denied this fact since he had many Jewish clients in his real Estate business and claimed to have a Swedish ancestry. After graduating from the Wharton School of Pennsylvania University, Donald J. Trump joined his father’s company “Elizabeth, Trump and Son” which he later re-named as “The Trump Organization” in 1970. After making a prominent name in the Real Estate industry, Donald Trump focused on other areas and interestingly chose digital media and reality TV shows to gain even more fame. Today, Trump is known as a business magnate, investor, a prominent socialite, and famous TV personality thanks to the success of his various ventures such as The Apprentice, Miss Universe, and Miss America. In 2016, Donald Trump is looking to add one more trophy amongst his titles: President of the United States of America. Why is he doing that? From the looks of it, it appears he is going to the post merely because he thinks it would be cool to become president now.


However, this is not his first entrée into politics. The first time Trump considered being a presidential candidate was in 1998 with the Republican Party, but he changed his mind. Then in the year 2000, Donald Trump finally ran an exploratory presidential campaign with the Reform Party. This Party was achieving high ballot success but was still fracturing due to their Presidential Campaign for Ross Perot in 1996. Trump was convinced by the Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura since he was well known for his regular commentary on the state of public affairs in the country and also because he was the head of The Trump Organization. This Campaign was announced on the popular CNN show Larry King Live on 7th October 1999. His campaign mainly focused on issues such as fair trade, the ways, and means of eliminating the national debt, making universal healthcare a reality and calling his competitor, Pat Buchanan ‘Hitler-lover’ a lot. Also, he mentioned Oprah Winfrey as his ideal running mate and claimed that when he won the election, he would immediately marry his girlfriend, Melania Knauss to make her First Lady of the United States.


Trump’s seriousness for these elections was widely questioned in the light of such claims was and it popular opinion was that he was only doing this to sell his books and market his brand. Trump hotly denied these allegations and said he had a very real chance to win this election. He carried out his campaign with gusto and events were scheduled in Minnesota, California and Florida with veteran campaign strategist Roger Stone directing them. By this time, however, internal conflicts had started arising within the party and Ventura left. He was the most vocal man when it came to supporting Trump, so it was no big surprise when Donald Trump declared that he was officially ending his campaign on The Today Show on February 14th, 2000. He blamed the party would not be able to run an effective presidential campaign for him and enable his victory in the general election. Pat Buchanan eventually won the nomination from the Reform Party.


After this election, the famous reality TV show The Apprentice aired which made Trump, even more, noted. As a result of this, he seriously considered running in the 2012 elections on a Republican Party ticket but eventually decided against it. After waiting another four years, Trump has finally launched a full-scale presidential campaign and managed to become the front runner for the Republican Party presidential candidate in the 2016 elections. To date, he has been running a very successful albeit a very controversial campaign.


Controversy, however, is not something new to the Trump Organization nor is Donald Trump daunted by it. If we look down into history, The New York Times reported on 1st June 1927 about a certain incident where about 1000 members of the Klu Klux Klan got into an altercation with the Queens Police. The Klansmen outnumbered the policemen one to ten, and the brawl turned ugly. Seven Klansmen were arrested. One of these was called ‘Fred Trump.’ He must have been approximately 21 years of age at the time, and it is possible that he may only have been an innocent bystander. But when this incident is combined with another event in 1973, one does not feel like the Trumps deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.


In 1973, when Donald Trump had been working in his father’s business for three years, the US Justice Department filed a case against the Trump organization. The case had been filed by The Civil Rights Division and stated that Black people were discriminated against in the apartment complexes that were owned by The Trump Organization. White people were given the apartments for rent quite easily while the blacks were turned down. This accusation was based on widespread complaints of racial discrimination carried out by Trump agents.The Urban League had sent some Black and White applicants undercover to apply for apartments in Trump complexes. The results came out as expected; the whites got the apartment, the blacks got a refusal. A newspaper in 1979 quoted one of Trump’s agents saying that applications coming into the office were sorted on the basis of race. These were later accepted or rejected on the same grounds. A decree was issued which required the Trump Organization to advertise vacancies in minority papers and also list vacancies with the Urban League.


Trying to find flaws with Donald Trump or doubting that he is a patriot, a true conservative isn’t the point. The things that are wrong with him are not his party policies, his positions on immigration, health care, social security nor his bigotry or hate speech. The problem with this man is that we are even considering his opinions and his positions on these important issues. We are taking him seriously. Even though Jeb Bush and other candidates refuse to recognize him unable to uphold the standards of the Conservative Party, this is not the main dispute on the table. The real cause for concern is that Donald J. Trump is completely unfit to become the president of the United States. He is a shrewd businessman, a clever marketer, a rich man. All these things may make him a good boss, but he is not a good leader. Donald J. Trump is not a good diplomat. In just a short span of a few months, he has managed to anger half the people whom he interacts and works with. How is he to lead a nation of 319 Million?!


If he is elected, what he will bring with him would be a lot of money and a knack for publicity. Nice to have in a politician. In addition to that, a little wit, charm and since he has nothing to lose, the clownish tendency of saying whatever he wants without the fear of consequences. That is also good to have in a politician. He can afford to do that because he is financing himself. There is no sponsor to oblige, no seriousness to be shown to get people to invest in you. No compromises and no commitment which raising campaign money entails. He says things that a more serious, more responsible person will not utter. This is unquestionably not good to have in a politician. He is no longer satisfied by playing the fool; he wants to be the King now!


Trump defines his future plans as “We’re going to have a lot of fun” while giving a major interview. In his speeches, he throws childish insults at his opponents. Jeb Bush is “low energy” whereas Ben Carson is “Pathological”. Marco Rubio is “Lightweight” and the world is either black or white. America can either win or lose; things are either good or wholly bad, and people are smart or stupid and morals either strong or weak. While pointing to the journalists who are covering his rallies, he has the audacity to say “Look at these bloodsuckers” and tells them, “Be ashamed of yourselves.” He is a buffoon! But how does he do it? How does he gain popularity and keeps rising in the polls? He understands people. He knows what motivates them. Anger is a motivator. Fear is a motivator. Hope is a motivator. Branding illegal immigrants as the problem, calling thousands of innocent Muslims as terrorists and giving unrealistic solutions like building a giant wall to keep people out are the solutions he has. And yet, they work. People listen and get brainwashed.


Do his speeches get through to the public? Yes, they do. But do they have the desired effects? Two young men beat up a middle-aged sleeping homeless Latino man. Upon being arrested and inquiry, they said, “Trump is right. These illegal immigrants need to go home.” Upon confrontation, Donald Trump released a statement that violence should not be the way. He didn’t say anything about injustice or fairness. Protesters (and there are a lot of them) at Trump rallies get physically beaten up, humiliated and if Mr. Trump happens to notice the disturbance he just tells them to “Get the hell out of here. Get out!” This is exactly what happened to some Immigration activists in Miami when the crowd was kicking, punching and dragging them on the floor and Mr. Trump noticed the disturbance.


A young Latino man came to a Trump rally to protest along with his wife; he was surrounded and spit upon. He left silently even though the couple had as much right to be there as anyone else at the rally. They were living in the USA on a work permit, not as illegal immigrants. Mercutio Southall, a large black man, and a well-known Birmingham civil rights activist began shouting protests in a trump rally from the middle of an entirely white crowd in a city where 73% of the population is black. Trump supporters notice this disturbance and start kicking and punching him. He fell to the floor and tried to fight back. He was outnumbered, missed and got chocked. The police notice the disturbance and came to his rescue. Even as a policeman held him, a blonde woman came, kicked him hard in the stomach and moved off. When Donald Trump was confronted about the incident, all he had to say was, “Maybe he should have been roughed up.”


Did Trump do anything to make things right? Promote tolerance and reinforce the Republican Party’s favorable position on immigration and equal rights? No, he gave a detailed description of the vicious crimes committed by the Mexicans and provided the ridiculous solution of building a wall along the Mexican border which would (of course) be paid for by Mexico. He spoke for the internment camps for Japanese Americans during World War 2 and proposed something similar to “get rid” of the illegal immigrants again. He did promise to “be humane” but seeing how minorities are treated in his rallies, one is justified to be skeptical.


Then there is his stance on the Muslims. Did he mention that Muslim doctors make up 10% of the entire American medical community? No. Here’s what he had to say, “When you see certain people walking in and out all day carrying things, inform your local police.” Then referring to World Trade Center collapse on 9th September 2011 he says, “I watched in Jersey City where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down,” he says. “So something is going on.” His solution: Ban entry to all Muslims in the USA until, “We figure out what is going on.” Incidentally, Mr. Trump seems to have been the only man to have seen the thousands and thousands of people who were cheering. Does America need a man like this to lead them? The choice is up to the Americans to make now, and we hope they will be smart enough to get them a President worthy of going down in history, not a reality TV show host famous for the saying “You’re fired.”