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Twitter’s always been about speed and immediacy. It’s where news breaks,…

Twitter’s constantly been about speed and immediacy. It’s where news breaks, it’s where subjects pattern, it’s where your timeline zips so quick you’re bound to miss out on things. In an effort to make itself a more long-term house for all that information, Twitter has actually revealed that you can explore every tweet sent on […]


Justifiable Homicide: Favors White Gun Shooters

Is there really such a thing as white privilege? George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’ Mara, thinks there is none for in his remark during a press conference that the privilege is with black people. He said if Zimmerman had been black, “He never would have been charged with a crime.” This remark sounds strange as […]


Veterans Receives More Housing Assistance

From living homeless in Boston, Jeremiah Pinto and his family relocated to the Bronx where they moved from shelter to shelter in their attempt to get off the streets and feel some semblance to their old lives. Pinto, a veteran who formerly served in the Navy, said he never thought that he will be among […]

Islamophobia – Bigotry In Its Newest Form

Prejudice against a small group of people in a big community is neither a new phenomenon nor is it native to any culture or religion. There is only one principle to it: Being different is wrong. Anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia and Islamophobia are all basically human resistance to change and difference manifesting itself in grotesque ways. […]


Fair Housing not in My Community

Incidents among people because of different races have always been very common in the history of this world, and it is still a worrying trend. There are numerous cases reporting severe accidents and riots around the world and the reason being was just race difference, and most these cases involved blacks. Minorities all around the […]

Minority Employment – Needs Work

Everyone needs a job to earn their bread and butter. Young graduates especially minorities usually need to make money to get into their favorite university, but some minority people are left behind in the race for employment just because they are not white. Mostly students with a minority background are financially not capable of paying […]

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Clinton Fears Black Vote Will be Doomed

Hillary Rodham Clinton was at the 100th Anniversary of the Delta Sigma Theta, a historically black women’s organization. In her speech, she told the members of the future of the Voting Rights Act. She called the Supreme Court’s decision to kill part of the law a “real jeopardy.” She said the Congress must act to […]


Career Advice May Lead You to Success Aliko Dangote

Career Advice May Lead You to Success If Your Approach Is Correct The educational and economic disadvantages of less income black students all around the globe have been in the news for many years; students continue to struggle to complete their studies and gain college degrees. However, one of the significant factors among black students […]

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The Unemployment Insurgent Program

The biggest problem that arises in the lives of workers is unemployment. There is a lack of jobs and not enough work for the youth. A person who does not have a job but actively seeks work to do is known as an unemployed person. Youth unemployment rates are historically high than the adult rates […]

Federal Court Deliberates Relevance of Stop-and-Frisks

Under the administration of New York City Mayor, the number of stop-and-frisks has risen by as much as 600 percent. The meaty discussion about it though focuses more on the disparity of stop-and-frisks conducted between whites and brown-colored people. The huge disparity is being criticized by many as an act to ostracize minorities with the […]